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Blog sixth baby powder trial currently underway
Sixth Baby Powder Trial Currently Underway
04.24.2017 News
The sixth case in the baby powder cancer litigation is currently underway in a Missouri court. This is the fifth case to be tried in Missouri state court and could be the next big plaintiff’s win in the litigation.
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Blog tips for sharing the road with motorcycles
Tips For Sharing The Road With Motorcycles
04.17.2017 News
Although many people enjoy riding motorcycles, most drivers are completely unaware of how to share the road safely with motorcycles. It would be unwise to treat motorcycles the same as other motor vehicles when sharing the roadways with them. Because motorcycles do not offer any protection to the riders in the event of an accident, it’s crucial drivers do everything in their power to keep motorcycles safe and prevent accidents.
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Blog traffic deaths highest in nearly a decade
Traffic Deaths Highest In Nearly A Decade
03.13.2017 News
Getting behind the wheel comes with all sorts of risks, some of which drivers are in control of and some that are out of their control. Unfortunately, the risk of an accident while driving has gotten greater in the past several years, reaching its highest point in nearly a decade.
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Blog how common is drunk driving
How Common Is Drunk Driving?
02.21.2017 News
While many people drive responsibly, the reality is millions of Americans drink and drive. Drinking and driving is dangerous for everyone, not just the driver. Other motorists, their passengers, and nearby pedestrians are all at risk when drunk drivers get behind the wheel.
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Blog what to know about taking prescription medication during pregnancy
What To Know About Taking Prescription Medication During Pregnancy
02.13.2017 News
Despite incredible advances in medicine, one segment of the population has not been intensely studied: pregnant women. While much is known about how to care for a pregnant woman, very little is known about how medications affect unborn children. Despite a wide knowledge gap, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 70% of pregnant women take at least one prescription medication during pregnancy.
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Blog california baby powder lawsuits pushing ahead amid fifth trial
California Baby Powder Lawsuits Pushing Ahead Amid Fifth Trial
02.06.2017 News
As the fifth baby powder lawsuit makes it to trial this week in a St. Louis courtroom, baby powder lawsuits in California are also looking for a resolution. The current St. Louis trial is the fourth trial in the same court that awarded multimillion-dollar verdicts to the plaintiffs in the previous baby powder cancer trials.
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Blog lawsuit demands apple to stop texting while driving on iphone
Lawsuit Demands Apple To Stop Texting While Driving On iPhone
01.30.2017 News
In 2008, Apple applied for a patent on newly developed technology that detects if iPhone users were driving and lock them out of their phones to prevent cell phone use while driving. Despite receiving approval for the lockout device patent in 2014, Apple has yet to implement this technology in any of its iPhones.
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Blog fifth baby powder trial begins next week
Fifth Baby Powder Trial Begins Next Week
01.23.2017 News
Next week, Nora Daniels will become the fifth woman to take healthcare conglomerate Johnson & Johnson (J&J) to trial over its baby powder products. The trial, which is the fourth to take place in a St. Louis Court, comes after three plaintiffs’ verdicts in 2016 in the same court.
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Blog could new technology end auto pedestrian accidents
Could New Technology End Auto Pedestrian Accidents?
01.16.2017 News
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2013 over 150,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency rooms for injuries caused by auto pedestrian collisions, and over 4,700 pedestrians were killed in these accidents. The frequency and severity of auto pedestrian accidents inspired car manufacturers to find new technologies to keep everyone on the road safe, and one manufacturer has widely instituted new technology that might bring an end to auto pedestrian accidents.
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Blog federal working hour regulations for truck drivers
Federal Working Hour Regulations For Truck Drivers
01.09.2017 News
Although we share the roads with them every day, truck drivers are not treated the same as other motorists under federal law. Because 18-wheelers and other large trucks have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries in the event of an accident, all truck drivers must abide by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations. Many FMCSA regulations set restrictions on working hours for truck drivers to prevent them from driving while fatigued.
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