The Cost of Ovarian Cancer Treatment

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The Cost of Ovarian Cancer Treatment
01.25.2016 News

As many people are aware by now, the use of products containing talc by women on certain areas of the body has been found by a number of studies to cause ovarian cancer. Every year, more than 10,000 women develop ovarian cancer as a result of the use of baby powder, body powder, or any type of talcum powder This year alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 14,000 women will die from ovarian cancer in the U.S.

Johnson & Johnson, which is a major manufacturer of products containing talc, has seen a number of lawsuits based on this issue, accusing the company of failing to warn consumers of talcum powder risks. In fact, many lawsuits linking ovarian cancer to talcum powder have been brought in the last few years. Part if the strategy of fighting such a lawsuit is knowing how much to ask for, which means knowing all of the costs. And one major factor in an ovarian cancer lawsuit valuation revolves around one very important question: How Much Does Ovarian Cancer Treatment Cost?

This is actually a very difficult question to answer because it depends on the victim's circumstances. For example, most patients who have an excellent health insurance plan may have to pay for such things as an occasional doctor visit, prescription drug co-pays and a coinsurance payment of between 10 and 50 percent for surgery and other procedures that must be performed in a hospital and all of which can easily reach the annual out-of-pocket maximum. Also, depending on the plan, even if ovarian cancer treatment is covered, some drugs or treatments may be exempted.

Of course for those patients without health insurance, the overall cost of ovarian cancer treatment can easily range from at least $20,000 for a relatively simple surgery to more than $200,000, if the treatment is for an advanced form of ovarian cancer and requires surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and possibly rehabilitation or physical therapy.

According to a number of studies, there are a number of very expensive components to ovarian cancer treatment. A hysterectomy, which is commonly necessary, has an average cost of $10,000-$20,000, although, depending on the extent of the surgery, it can run upwards of $40,000 for removal of the uterus, tubes and ovaries. The cost of chemotherapy can run as high as $16,000 per cycle, with treatment requiring anywhere from two to six cycles or more. In addition, Neulasta, a drug that is often administered with chemotherapy in order to reduce the risk of infection, can run up to $10,000 or more per shot. In addition to the treatment, many ovarian cancer victims also have to undergo long-term follow-up treatment and, depending on the severity of the cancer, must avail themselves of potentially expensive home health services.

Without a doubt, the cost of treating ovarian cancer can be extremely high, although each person's cost will be different because everyone's cancer is different. According to research from the American Cancer Society, the factors necessary to determine the possible cost of treating ovarian or any other type of cancer include the type of treatment needed, the length of the treatment, the location of the treatment and the type of insurance coverage. Regardless of the costs, however, many women who suffer from ovarian cancer struggle financially as a result. If the cancer was caused by the negligence of someone else, the cancer victim should not have to be burdened with all of the costs.

Ovarian Cancer From Talcum Powder Exposure

When a doctor tells someone they have ovarian cancer, there are already a number of stresses associated with that diagnosis, including the physical and emotional challenges of overcoming it, so it’s common to overlook the financial aspect of the diagnosis, However, no one should overlook it. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and you believe you contracted it from the use of talcum powder, please contact the defective product attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC, so we can analyze your situation and determine the best options for you.