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Dangers of the Mirena IUD

The Dangers of the Mirena IUD

The Mirena IUD has caused severe and even life-threatening side effects for thousands of women. If you've been harmed by a Mirena IUD, the national law firm of Blizzard & Nabers can help.

The Mirena IUD was introduced as an option for women who wanted long-term contraception and was eventually approved for use in women who experience heavy menstural bleeding. Like other forms of IUD, the Minera IUD is a t-shaped device that is implanted in the uterus. The Mirena device also contains a dose of the steroid levonorgestrel, which is gradually released into the uterus to prevent conception. Since the device was first introduced in 2000, over 2 million of these devices have been implanted in women in the United States and over 15 million of the devices have been implanted in women worldwide.

Also since its introduction, over 25,000 complaints and adverse affect reports have been filed with the FDA about the Mirena IUD, many of these complaints involving the device migrating in the body, perforating the uterus, or causing other severe side effects.

Bayer, the manufacturer of the Mirena device, has come under repeated scrutiny from the FDA for its marketing practices and inflated claims for the effectiveness of its drugs and devices.

Severe Side Effects from the Mirena IUD

While the device packaging for the Mirena IUD mentions many potential side effects, the device packaging fails to mention the potential for the device to become dislodged and spontaneously migrate in the body and cause uterine perforation. If the device perforates the uterine wall, it can become lodged in the body or perforate other organs, such as the bladder, bowels, liver and spleen.

If the Mirena IUD perforates the uterine wall, it must be removed under general anesthesia. Women with a dislocated device may also unwillingly become pregnant after the device has migrated and removal surgery cannot be performed until after the pregnancy has been carried to term. In the most severe cases, women who have been implanted with the device may face having to undergo a hysterectomy, operations to repair or remove other perforated organs, and other significant and life-changing surgeries.

Many women who are facing these life-altering surgeries are finding that their only option is to file a lawsuit against Bayer and seek compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Mirena Lawsuits

The law firm of Blizzard & Nabers are experienced at handling defective medical device litigation. Our attorneys are specialists in medical device litigation, and for more than 25 years we have successfully represented our clients and stood up for the rights of people harmed by defective medical devices. We are a nationwide law firm serving clients from all over the country. We handle all Mirena IUD injury cases on a contingency basis.

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