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Car Seat Safety

5 Tips for Car Seat Safety

Nothing is more important than keeping your children safe in the car, but with so many types of car seats, parents can quickly become overwhelmed. When picking a car seat, do your homework. Proper research can make the difference between purchasing a safe or an unsafe car seat. Here are a few tips for keeping your children safe in their car seats.

5 Tips for Car Seat Safety:

1. Know the difference between rear-facing and forward-facing car seats. Rear-facing car seats offer the best protection for small children in the event of a collision. However, it is important that the rear-facing car seat is placed in the back seat, away from any airbags. When children grow out of rear-facing car seats, forward-facing car seats will offer the best protection.

2. Know the size, weight, and age limits on your car seat. These will dictate which car seat is best for your child, and that safest seat will change as your child grows.

3. Check the expiration date. Most parents are surprised to learn that car seats come with an expiration date, usually approximately six years. Look at the label on the car seat to check the expiration date.

4. Be careful of used car seats. Because only 40% of recalled car seats ever get repaired, buying or accepting the gift of a used car seat could mean placing your precious child in a car seat that doesn’t meet safety standards.

5. Take your time with installation. 73% of car seats are not used or installed correctly. Follow the manufacturer-provided directions carefully to make sure your car seat is properly installed and can keep your child safe.

6. Limit the toys you give your child while in the car seat. Toys should be soft, so they won’t cause any injury in the event of an accident.

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