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Hit And Run Claims

What To Know About Hit And Run Claims

Under normal circumstances, after a minor car accident the parties involved get out of their vehicles, exchange information, take pictures, and go on their way. If injuries are more severe, first responders and police are called to address injuries and create a report of the incident. Unfortunately serious injuries resulting from Houston car accidents happen far too often, sometimes with deadly consequences.

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Does Tamiflu Have Dangerous Side Effects?

As one of the worst flu seasons in the past few years comes to end, some experts are concerned one of the few prescription medications available to treat the flu may have potentially life threatening side effects. Tamiflu has been available for over a decade, but reports that it causes abnormal behavior, particularly in children, are becoming increasingly apparent. This has led some experts to the conclusion that Tamiflu isn’t right for every patient.

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Illegal Left Turns

Illegal Left Turns Are Causing A Record Number of Accidents

Houston has numerous intersections that don’t allow left turns. While this can be inconvenient, it’s for good reason. Intersections that don’t allow left turns do so for a reason, and drivers who make illegal left turns greatly increase the likelihood of car accidents, not just for themselves, but for other motorists too.

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Clinical Trial Data

Access To Clinical Trial Data Just Got Easier

Clinical trials are crucial to understanding the safety and effectiveness of medications and medical devices. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses clinical trial data to evaluate new drug and device applications, clinical trial data has not been very accessible to patients.

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Hurricane Harvey Claims

Update on Hurricane Harvey Claims

The New Year started out rough for thousands of Texans who are still struggling with Hurricane Harvey claims. Although it has been over five months since Harvey’s landfall, recovery has been a painfully slow process. As various Hurricane Harvey claims work their way through the court system, property owners have been left fending for themselves.

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