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Hit And Run Claims

What To Know About Hit And Run Claims

Under normal circumstances, after a minor car accident the parties involved get out of their vehicles, exchange information, take pictures, and go on their way. If injuries are more severe, first responders and police are called to address injuries and create a report of the incident. Unfortunately serious injuries resulting from Houston car accidents happen far too often, sometimes with deadly consequences.

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Illegal Left Turns

Illegal Left Turns Are Causing A Record Number of Accidents

Houston has numerous intersections that don’t allow left turns. While this can be inconvenient, it’s for good reason. Intersections that don’t allow left turns do so for a reason, and drivers who make illegal left turns greatly increase the likelihood of car accidents, not just for themselves, but for other motorists too.

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Fast Lane

Driving Slow In The Fast Lane

The state of Texas has some of the highest posted speed limits on highways in the country. With posted speed limits up to 85 miles per hour, driving safely on Texas highways requires alert and educated drivers. Many people wrongfully assume driving slower is actually safer on the highways. While all drivers should obey posted speed limits, drivers who drive too slowly are actually more dangerous than drivers who drive too fast.

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Traffic Deaths

Traffic Deaths Highest In Nearly A Decade

Getting behind the wheel comes with all sorts of risks, some of which drivers are in control of and some that are out of their control. Unfortunately, the risk of an accident while driving has gotten greater in the past several years, reaching its highest point in nearly a decade.

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Teen drivers

Dangers Faced By Teen Drivers

Learning to drive is an important milestone in life, and while teenagers might find this liberating, driving is a serious responsibility. Because of their inexperience, teenage drivers more often engage in risky driving behaviors that put themselves, their passengers, and surrounding motorists at risk of injury or death.

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