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Clinical Trial Data

Access To Clinical Trial Data Just Got Easier

Clinical trials are crucial to understanding the safety and effectiveness of medications and medical devices. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses clinical trial data to evaluate new drug and device applications, clinical trial data has not been very accessible to patients.

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Pharmaceutical lawsuits

Defective Drugs and “Failure to Warn”

When someone has been injured, sickened or killed as a result of taking a dangerous drug, they often turn to the court system and file suit against a pharmaceutical company in order to recover for the damages caused and, in most cases, these lawsuits are filed based on a principle known as failure to warn. The basis for this principle is the foundation of all products liability law, which looks at the condition of the product in question and asks whether that product was designed or manufactured in a way that makes it reasonably safe for its intended purpose.

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