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The Dangers of Oil Rig Explosions

The State of Texas is home to an enormous number of oil rigs; by most accounts, we are the oil and gas capital of the country, if not the world. And while the current oil boom only dates back about eight years, the oil and gas industry in Texas has been prominent for nearly a century. Unfortunately, factors such as outdated equipment, improper training and negligent safety practices result in a great number of oil rig workers suffering serious injury or even being killed every year in oil rig accidents, including explosions.

Oil rigs come with inherent dangers that make such work very dangerous, but those inherent dangers can usually be avoided, including rig explosions. In a great many cases, rig explosions come from negligence involving such problems as unsafe drilling procedures, non-standard industry practices, defective equipment and workers who have not been properly trained to take on these very dangerous tasks.

Whether an oil rig explosion was caused by an oil rig fire, blowout, equipment failure or negligence, each one of these situations can be avoided if all proper maintenance and drilling procedures are conducted according to regulations and standards. All employers, even those in the oil and gas industry especially those who hire workers for their oil rigs, have an absolute duty to keep their workers safe on the job and to take every precaution to protect them. Unfortunately, too often the owners of these oil rigs and the executives and managers who run these drilling operations seem more focused on saving money than saving lives. They are looking for the quickest possible way to get to the oil so they can make more money, more quickly. When that happens in the oil and gas industry, explosions and fires become a natural consequence.

Quite often, the victims of oil rig explosions suffer serious injuries, especially burns, that can leave them in excruciating pain and with horrible disfigurement, but there is also a lot of emotional trauma to deal with, as well as the strong possibility of a permanent career ending disability that can change a life forever.

Of course, the problems are not just physical or emotional; they can also wreak havoc on a family’s finances and their morale, especially if the injuries are severe enough to require many years of long-term care and expensive physical therapy. And if the victim of the oil rig explosion dies, the family will find themselves in turmoil, with the loss of their loved one’s companionship and love, as well as the loss of income.

After an oil rig explosion, the employer will have a legal representative on their side to protect their legal rights. Because many of these companies have chosen to place their profits ahead of the well-being of their workers, they will spare no expense to make sure they lose as little as possible. They know that whatever amount of money they have to pay for their legal representation will be far less than the potential amount they could lose the victims of an oil rig explosion and their families in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

That’s why the victims of an oil rig explosion should find it necessary to hire a legal representative to do the same for them. The only way that the victim of an oil rig explosion can be compensated properly for their injuries and their losses this to have someone experienced and knowledgeable to build a strong case from their point of view and on their behalf. The Oil and Gas Injury Attorneys at Blizzard Law PLLC have the knowledge and experience to deal with companies like this because we have been through it before and we have personally seen how hard it is at times to get adequate compensation for clients in court, even when all of the evidence points to their negligence. That said, we know how to square up against them and be effective in getting you all the compensation you deserve. Whether you have a personal injury suit or a suit for a wrongful death, we will fight hard for you.

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