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Tips For Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

Although many people enjoy riding motorcycles, most drivers are completely unaware of how to share the road safely with motorcycles. It would be unwise to treat motorcycles the same as other motor vehicles when sharing the roadways with them. Because motorcycles do not offer any protection to the riders in the event of an accident, it’s crucial drivers do everything in their power to keep motorcycles safe and prevent accidents.

A Little Caution Goes A Long Way

When sharing the road with motorcycles, exercising a little caution can go a long way toward keeping everyone on the road safe. To help avoid accidents, follow these motorcycle safety tips:

  • Don’t pass motorcycles – or if you do, give them lots of space. Unlike cars, motorcycles are particularly vulnerable to gusts of wind. When drivers pass motorcycles, it creates a gust of wind that can be strong enough to cause a motorcycle to lose control. Because of this, drivers need to give motorcycles plenty of space when passing.
  • Try to avoid braking suddenly. While some things will be out of your control, always try not to brake suddenly when driving in front of motorcycles. If you do not give a motorcycle ample time to react and slow down, it could cause the motorcycle to collide with the back end of your car.
  • Always use your turn signal. Turning can be precarious when there are motorcycles on the road. Always using your turn signal lets motorcycles know where you are going.
  • Look twice before turning. Right-hand turns can be particularly dangerous because drivers have much less visibility on the right side of their vehicles. To prevent deadly collisions, always make sure it is safe to turn.

Motorcyclists Have Rights

Many people have prejudices against motorcycles and their riders, but that doesn’t mean riders are without rights. If another driver recklessly or negligently causes a motorcycle accident, they can be held responsible for their actions. With the help of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, victims can recover compensation to cover the cost of necessary medical treatment, loss of earning capacity, damages to the motorcycle, and pain and suffering.

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