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Winter Road Safety

Winter Road Safety Tips

The particularly cold and icy weather last week left many Houstonians driving in winter conditions they are completely unfamiliar with. For people with more experience driving in wintery conditions, last week’s weather might not have seemed that impressive, but the weather did cause numerous car accidents across Houston.

While winter weather in Houston is a somewhat rare occurrence, it is important for drivers to know several winter road safety tips to prevent accidents.

1. Slow Down – You might be in a rush, but you should always slow down when driving in wintery weather. If the roads are slick, going too fast could cause you to lose control. Additionally, slick roads will make it more difficult to come to a stop.

2. Watch Out For Ice – Ice on Houston roads might be rare, but it has already caused multiple car accidents this year. You might not be able to see the ice, so check with the City of Houston before your trip to see if your route is clear. If you’re driving outside of Houston, Drive Texas shows accidents, hazards, and closures across the state.

3. Check Your Tires – Changes in temperature could cause your tires to lose pressure. Make sure you have the right amount of air in your tires before taking off.

4. Give Other Vehicles Space – Because icy roads can make it difficult for cars to slow down or come to a stop, you need to give yourself and other drivers plenty of space by not following to closely.

5. Don’t Use Cruise Control – You might be used to using cruise control on your morning or afternoon commute, but this can be extremely dangerous in winter weather. You need to always be in control of your vehicle to respond to road conditions.

6. Accelerate and Decelerate Slowly – Trying to accelerate and decelerate too quickly can make your wheels spin and that won’t get you anywhere. To get traction under your tires, you have to accelerate and decelerate slowly.

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Negligent Drivers Cause Accidents

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