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We trust doctors to treat us with the highest standard of care and respect. Unfortunately, some doctors choose to violate their oath, and healthcare facilities often choose to ignore reports of patient abuse. The University of Southern California (USC) knew since the 1990s that female patients reported being sexually assaulted by the one of the university’s gynecologists, Dr. George Tyndall; however, USC did not intervene and allowed Dr. George Tyndall to continue to practice and sexually assault patients. After nearly 30 years of abuse, victims are now holding Dr. George Tyndall and USC responsible.

Allegations of Abuse and Misconduct

In the 1990s, coworkers of Dr. George Tyndall reported to USC that he was photographing patients’ genitals and numerous patients and nursing staff accused him of inappropriate behavior. Patients reported he inappropriately touched them during physical examinations and made sexually suggestive remarks about their bodies. Many of his patients were teenagers who had never seen a gynecologist before Dr. Tyndall, making them particularly vulnerable.

In recent years, colleagues expressed concerns that he was targeting the university’s Chinese students because of their limited knowledge of English and American medical practices. Despite this, the university still refused to act on reports of sexual assault.

Dr. Tyndall was finally investigated when a nurse went to USC’s rape crisis center in 2016 to complain of his actions. He was suspended, and USC’s own internal investigation determined his actions amounted to sexual harassment. Despite this, they did not inform potential victims and instead allowed Dr. Tyndall to resign with a financial payout.

Potentially Thousands of Victims

Dr. Tyndall saw thousands of patients during his tenure at USC, which means the number of potential victims is quite high. Several dozen women have filed lawsuits against Dr. Tyndall for sexually assaulting them and against USC for failing to protect them from such abuse. Coming forward as a victim of sexual assault can be extremely challenging, but it can also help victims regain the control and power they lost at the hands of Dr. Tyndall.

Helping Victims of Dr. Tyndall

At Blizzard Law, our compassionate attorneys are here to help victims of Dr. Tyndall hold him and USC responsible for their egregious actions. We offer free and confidential consultations on your legal options and your rights, and if you choose to pursue to case, we can aggressively represent you so your voice can be heard. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.



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