Annual Christmas send off party at JFK Elementary School in Houston

Yesterday we attended the annual Christmas send-off party at JFK Elementary School here in Houston, Texas. After donating money toward the purchase of gifts for these children, the Blizzard Greenberg attorneys and staff went to the kindergarten and 4th grade classrooms to help distribute the gifts. The children were excited to see Marlene, our administrative assistant, dressed up as an elf (and a pretty convincing one at that). The children were thrilled to open their gifts and shared with us how grateful they felt.

As we were getting ready to leave, one teacher asked us to introduce ourselves to the class and explain what we do.  Anna told the class that we were a law firm and asked the children to guess what kind of lawyers we were.  One little boy said, “Good lawyers.”  That was both wonderful and priceless.  The kids all chimed in with Merry Christmas and many, many thank yous.  The teacher tried not to cry, after telling us how thankful she was for this blessing. The entire visit was heartwarming and a memorable way to kick off the holiday.