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NeuroBlate System

NeuroBlate Timeline of Key Events

  April 1, 2013 – FDA cleared the NeuroBlate System for use in the U.S. It’s important to note that the NeuroBlate System was never approved by the FDA. Instead, it was merely “cleared” by the 510(k) process, meaning the FDA permitted Monteris to market the device because it was substantially equivalent to a device…

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Hit And Run Claims

What To Know About Hit And Run Claims

Under normal circumstances, after a minor car accident the parties involved get out of their vehicles, exchange information, take pictures, and go on their way. If injuries are more severe, first responders and police are called to address injuries and create a report of the incident. Unfortunately serious injuries resulting from Houston car accidents happen far too often, sometimes with deadly consequences.

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Does Tamiflu Have Dangerous Side Effects?

As one of the worst flu seasons in the past few years comes to end, some experts are concerned one of the few prescription medications available to treat the flu may have potentially life threatening side effects. Tamiflu has been available for over a decade, but reports that it causes abnormal behavior, particularly in children, are becoming increasingly apparent. This has led some experts to the conclusion that Tamiflu isn’t right for every patient.

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