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At Blizzard Law, we understand choosing an attorney to represent you can be overwhelming. We work closely with clients to make them feel comfortable, informed and heard. All of our attorneys pursue their cases aggressively and passionately to make sure our client’s best interests are protected. With out extensive track record of success, you can be sure your case is in good hands. Find out how we can help during a free, no obligation consultation.

Truck Accident Lawyers in Houston, Texas

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While the majority of people who travel on U.S. roads and highways get from one destination to the next unscathed, many aren’t so lucky. When you have to share the road with giant trucks and massive 18-wheelers, one small mistake on the road can lead to an extremely unforgiving outcome. For every 100 million miles driven on U.S. roads, there are more than 60.5 injuries and 2.3 deaths caused by big rigs and trucks.

Trucks weigh anywhere from 20 to 30 times more than a passenger vehicle. When it comes to trucking accidents, people in passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians are at severe risk of injury, lifelong disability, and premature death. If you or a loved one have been injured in a trucking accident, you need a caring and dedicated Houston truck accident lawyer by your side, guiding you through the legal process and protecting your interests from irresponsible insurance and trucking companies.

The Houston area is bustling region and a major hub of trucking activity. Houston is one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S., and with the Port of Houston feeding many industries and trucking activities, the trucking industry is thriving in this area of the country. Traffic here is intense, and people who have to share the road with trucks and big rigs should be afforded a reasonable degree of safety when traveling next to trucks on Houston roadways.

Trucking companies are subject to strict laws and other rules for mechanical and driver safety. Truckers are also subject to high levels of driver training and other safety measures. But sometimes, truck companies and truck drivers will try to cut corners, or ignore the laws they are supposed to obey. Unfortunately, this a recipe for disaster.

In most instances, a trucking company will pay its drivers by the mile. This practice creates an incentive for drivers to load, deliver, and reload their trucks as quickly as they possibly can. Pay-by-the-mile can encourage unsafe driving practices and also encourage truck drivers to take on longer, more excessive hours. Truckers are at-risk of falling asleep while driving, or driving while fatigued and drowsy, increasing the chances of an accident. A truck driver is far more protected from injury or death than a person in a small passenger vehicle or on a motorcycle. Injuries can be catastrophic for an innocent passenger vehicle driver and other occupants in the car.

Some of the most common truck accident injuries our clients have sustained include the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Whiplash
  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Partial and full paralysis
  • Internal and external lacerations

Tragically, one percent of all truck accidents are fatal, and people who survive the initial crash will sometimes pass away days, weeks, or months later. Our truck accident lawyers in Houston are skilled at handling the most tragic wrongful death cases, and we’ve won millions of dollars in settlements and courtroom trials for the victim’s families who are left behind. We know that money won’t bring back a loved one, but compensation can bring the deceased person justice, ease the family’s financial burdens, and prevent a negligent truck driver or truck company from harming others in the future with their careless behavior.

Why choose Blizzard Law, PLLC to represent your Houston truck accident case?

Here at Blizzard Law, PLLC, our team of highly skilled attorneys boasts almost a half a century of experience in the legal field between them. When you contact the team at Blizzard Law, our Houston truck accident attorney is dedicated to getting you and your family the compensation you deserve for your financial, health, and emotional losses.

Other truck accident law firms in Houston will promise a win in the courtroom or a fair settlement outside of court for their clients. While we will work tirelessly to get you the money you and your family deserve under the full extent of the law, we go above and beyond those expectations.

Our lawyers and staff are warm and personable. We understand the emotional distress and confusion our clients are under when they’ve been hurt in a truck accident. You have questions you deserve to have answered, and we are happy to do that for you. See what our past clients at Blizzard Law have to say about our services:

“WOW!!! What an experience of a lifetime. Blizzard Law PLLC is the most professional, compassionate, and hardworking law firm that I have ever used.” 

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“I can’t express how much it has meant to my family and me to have worked with such wonderful people in an otherwise difficult, emotional and confusing affair.”

There are many Houston truck accident law firms for you to choose from to represent your case. But when you select an experienced Houston truck accident attorney from Blizzard Law, PLLC, you’ll be getting expert representation, legal counsel, and a caring and warm staff to answer your questions and assuage your fears and concerns. Blizzard Law, PLLC is dedicated to giving their clients the detailed attention their cases deserve.

  • More than 50 years of experience in the legal field
  • Millions won in the courtroom and settlement negotiations
  • Attentive staff and prompt response
  • A legal team who cares

When you search for a “truck accident lawyer near me,” choose Blizzard Law, PLLC to represent your case. Our representatives are standing by to answer your questions and put you in touch with one of our skilled truck accident lawyers today. All initial consultations are free of charge. Fill out our form online or call us at 800-349-0127.

Can I Sue the Operator of an 18-Wheeler Who Caused Me to Engage in an Accident in Houston if He or She was Violating a State or Federal Regulation?

Despite the extensive training and practice truck drivers undergo before they are permitted to get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle, truckers are sometimes held responsible for causing some of the serious and fatal accidents that occur on our roadways here in Houston. The truth is, not all truckers are always in compliance with one or more state or federal regulations and it for this very reason that many of these wrecks transpire. While some victims are fortunate in that they survive the collision, their lives are usually never the same as they likely suffer permanent injuries.

If you and/or a family member was involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler in Houston, Texas, that resulted in injuries or death and you would like to discuss the incident with a Houston truck accident lawyer to find out what your legal rights are, Blizzard Law, PLLC is available to help you.

What regulations are most often violated by commercial truck operators?

There are several regulations outlined by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that truckers are required to comply with that are geared toward keeping the trucker, their cargo, and the others traveling around them safe. Unfortunately, some truckers become complacent in their line of work and feel as though their experience and knowledge gives them the right to refrain from always following all the rules they are required to abide by. This, in turn, is sometimes why accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks occur.

Some of the common regulations that truckers are recognized for violating include:

  1. Operating with cargo that exceeds the weight limits set by the State of Texas.

While some truckers are only required to travel short distances, others must drive across the country to get their cargo from one place to the next. Many companies will sometimes attempt to overload their trucks so that they are able to get more cargo to where it needs to go so that the trips their truckers are taking are even more worthwhile. However, operating a commercial truck with cargo that exceeds the weight limitations trucking companies are required to comply with can be a serious risk factor and contribute to an accident occurring.

Sec. 621.101 of Subchapter B of Texas’ Transportation Code, states that “a vehicle or combination of vehicles may not be operated over or on a public highway or at a port-of-entry between Texas and the United Mexican States if the vehicle or combination has:

  • A single axle weight that is heavier than 20,000 pounds, including all enforcement tolerances.
  • A tandem axle weight that is heavier than 34,000 pounds, including all enforcement tolerances.”
  1. The Hours-of-Service Rule.

The operators of these vehicles have a very demanding job to do. In most instances, truckers have to report to a post within a specified timeframe to avoid any penalty from their employer which puts pressure on them to get from point A to point B within a certain period of time. This sometimes results in a trucker driving beyond the allowable amount of time the FMCSA permits a trucker to operate a commercial truck for which puts them at risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

  1. Operating on roadways truckers are not permitted to drive on or during certain times of the year.

There are certain roadways large trucks are not permitted to drive on as well as certain times of the year when these vehicles may not operate at all. According to Sec.621.006. of Texas’ Transportation Code, certain vehicles, depending on their size and weight, may not operate their vehicles on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Now, if you’re wondering why it is important for you to know this, it is because you are going to need to prove the truck operator who you were involved in an accident with was negligent if you wish to sue the driver for damages for your injuries and/or losses. One way of proving negligence is by identifying which rules/regulations the trucker was in violation of at the time of the accident. You should understand that this isn’t always easy to do which is why you are encouraged to seek help from a truck accident law firm in Houston, Texas, that has a team of experienced attorneys who are willing to assist you.

Blizzard Law, PLLC has won millions in the courtroom for victims just like you and is prepared to help you recover the compensation you and your loved ones are entitled to. Give us a call today at 713-844-3750 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our legal experts.

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At Blizzard Law, we understand choosing an attorney to represent you can be overwhelming. We work closely with clients to make them feel comfortable, informed and heard. All of our attorneys pursue their cases aggressively and passionately to make sure our client’s best interests are protected. With out extensive track record of success, you can be sure your case is in good hands. Find out how we can help during a free, no obligation consultation.


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