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Ten Tips For Preventing Auto Pedestrian Accidents

Even at low speeds, auto pedestrian accidents can cause serious injuries or even death. Because pedestrians do not have any protection in the event of a collision, drivers need to do everything in their power to prevent auto pedestrian accidents.

How to prevent auto pedestrian accidents:

1. Be careful when pulling up to a stoplight or stop sign. Take time to make sure there aren’t any pedestrians crossing the street in front of you at a stop sign and/or stoplight.
2. Always look for pedestrians when turning. Any time drivers are turning, they need to make sure the street is clear of pedestrians before doing so.
3. Use extra caution in parking lots. Many auto pedestrian accidents occur in parking lots because of the high number of cars and pedestrians in a concentrated area. If you are driving in a parking lot, especially if you are backing out of a parking spot, drive very slowly and constantly look for nearby pedestrians.
4. Slow down in neighborhoods. Driving slowly in neighborhoods gives drivers extra time to react to oncoming situations. Neighborhoods are particularly dangerous for children, so drivers need to take it slow to avoid accidents.
5. Make sure your mirrors are clear. Keeping your windshield and mirrors clear of dirt and debris helps ensure maximum visibility.
6. Never run stoplights or stop signs. Whether you have someplace to be or just don’t want to sit at a stoplight, never run a stop sign or stoplight. A pedestrian could be crossing a street, and failing to adhere to traffic lights or signals could put you on a collision path with innocent civilians.
7. Avoid distractions. Whether you are using your cell phone, changing the radio station, or talking to a passenger, distractions that take your eyes off the road are like driving blindfolded.
8. Exercise extra care when driving at night. Because visibility will be much worse at night, drivers need to be extra careful.
9. Don’t assume pedestrians can see and hear you. For a variety of reasons, pedestrians may not be aware of approaching vehicles, so always yield to pedestrians crossing in front of or around you.
10. Don’t drink and drive. Driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher is illegal, but even smaller levels of alcohol can cause impairment.

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